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About Laura:

Growing up in Oxfordshire I began dancing when I was 4 years old and it became a very important part of my life and my love for it grew stronger over the years. I decided after school I wanted to pursue dancing further so trained at the University of Bedfordshire where I obtained a degree in Dance and Professional Practice. Towards the end of University I had done some work experience within a couple of dance schools and decided that's the path that I wanted to go down. So after graduating I went on to gain my Associate in Ballet at a Distinction level with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association). I would in the future like to gain another Associate but my current priority is to continue focusing on my own dance school, Laura Powley School of Dance.

About Laura Powley School of Dance:

Laura Powley School of Dance (LPSD) was set up in September 2015 in Didcot. We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience dancing and the joy that it can bring. We aim to develop children's confidence by encouraging them to challenge themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable enough to express themselves and have fun. Dancing is an enjoyable form of exercise that creates discipline, new skills and friends for life. 

At LPSD Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz Classes are available for children and adults. We have open classes at the end of term so you can watch your child's lesson.

There will be opportunities for your children to take part in Shows, Examinations and the Summer & Christmas Workshops. 

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